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The Water Services Group

WSG was formed in the early 80’s by Paul Hope-Darby. After quitting his career as a saturation diver and later as a project manager involved in the pioneering heavy oilfield construction projects in the North Sea, France, Africa and the Middle East, he began to explore the niche market of specialised internal pipe inspection and testing, using remotely controlled robotic vehicles.

The company is still headed up by Paul, who is supported by a multi-disciplined, forward thinking team with a talent for making seemingly impossible projects happen; the pioneering spirit remains, and the company continues to provide innovative solutions to Clients problems.

Unwavering focus on Total Client Support has led to us design, build and install or operate unique slip lining systems for lining live draw-off pipes with no water loss, the decommissioning of live draw-off pipes with no water loss, bespoke pipe joint repair and stabilisation rings for 2.5m diameter operational cooling pipes, reinforcing and stabilisation of a crumbling Victorian borehole, cleaning and refurbishment of long sea outfalls, a cleaning system for long distance, large diameter water filled or dry pipes & tunnels where conventional cleaning techniques are ineffective. Lock gate anti-leak seals, high-pressure secondary tunnel isolation seals to provide vital support for manned entry into tunnels, low-volume, low-pressure leak detection system for large diameter tunnels, and underwater tunnel mapping & measuring to name but a few of many innovations.

To get a job done we utilise remote unmanned technology whenever possible, and where this is not possible, we deploy suitably qualified and experienced confined space operatives or diving operatives.

We ensure continuous improvement by utilising the latest technology and by adopting the best industry practices.

  • Inspect
  • Test
  • Map

  • Measure

  • Repair

  • Re-line

  • Decommission

World Class Pipe And Tunnel Innovations