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Pipe and Tunnel Decommissioning
Decommissioning of reservoir draw-off pipe – Birkenburn Reservoir for Canal & River Trust – Pre-survey to assess condition, invention and implementation of bespoke decommissioning system

Pipeline and Tunnel Decommission Services

Pipe and Tunnel Decommissioning: The pipe decommissioning service was originally our solution to a problem that a Client was experiencing with a reservoir draw-off pipe that was outside of regulatory specifications and required a permanent structural isolation however, the reservoir could not be dewatered and the pipe could not be isolated. The site was under the scrutiny of the SEA who placed a zero-water loss tolerance on the project.

Driven by our Client’s needs, we designed, built and implemented a unique system that enabled us to decommission the 100m x 500mm diameter pipe by filling it with circa  28m3 of structural grade micro-concrete from the downstream end of the pipe, with no-water loss.

Benefits of the decommissioning system Include:

  • A permanent structural isolation
  • Minimal environmental impact
  • No requirement for de-watering
  • No requirement for reservoir shut down
  • No requirement for costly piling

Where required, we provide a unique cleaning system that is specifically designed to clean old and delicate structures where conventional cleaning techniques are either ineffective or can lead to the catastrophic failure of an ageing asset.

  • A permanent structural isolation

  • Minimal environmental impact

  • No requirement for costly piling

  • Unique cleaning system for old/delicate structures

Pipe and Tunnel Decommissioning Case Studies

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