World Class Pipe And Tunnel Inspection Services
A World-first multi-camera tunnel PIV
A World-first multi-camera tunnel PIV – Kennett Tunnel, Cambridgeshire for The Environment Agency – A full circumneutral survey of a 21km operation bulk-water transfer tunnel

Pipeline and Tunnel Inspection Services

Pipe and Tunnell Inspection: During AMP1, we designed and built the first internal Pipe and Tunnell Inspection Vehicle (PIV) with a 1km excursion range to survey primary supply aqueducts for United Utilities and have continued to support them through each AMP by obtaining vital condition data from their critical assets.

Since then we have been providing Clients with vital asset condition data from shafts, boreholes, water towers, ozone tanks, Victorian chalk adits, abandoned mine workings, pipes, tunnels, aqueducts maintenance reservoirs, culverts, cooling pipes and long sea outfalls, varying in diameter between 50mm – 6000mm, carrying anything from potable water to sewage flowing at speeds of up to 2.5 metre/second and traversing distances greater than 21km to gather vital condition data from otherwise inaccessible locations enabling them to make informed decisions on maintenance/repair work programs.

Dry • partially surcharged • surcharged • pressurised • flowing • static

If we do not have a system to suit your project specific requirements, we will design, build, and operate a system that does.

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  • The pioneers of long-distance internal pipe inspection
  • Obtaining vital condition data from otherwise inaccessible assets
  • Any asset, any location
  • Bespoke solutions

Pipe and Tunnel Inspection Case Studies

Partnering with world-class companies to provide world class Clients with an unparalleled range of testing and inspection services to remotely obtain the definitive range of data from otherwise inaccessible locations, enabling Clients to fully understand the condition of key assets.

We have worked alongside many of our key UK and international water companies and consulting engineers since AMP 1; we have the experience and track record to provide the level of service that can really make a difference.

No one works harder to provide Total Client Support.

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