World Class Pipe And Tunnel Inspection Services

Pipe and Tunnel Measuring
Measure & map a 2.5m diameter x 4.5km segmental tunnel – Prittle Tunnel, Southend-on-Sea for Atkins Consulting – Lidar & CCTV survey to provide a ‘benchmark’ survey to monitor deterioration

Pipe and Tunnel Measuring Services

Pipe and Tunnel Measuring: Through our world-class partnering companies, we provide Clients with measurable survey grade modelling detail from which dimensions and sizes can be extrapolated and the output presented in any format required including BIM, 3D Point Cloud or Mesh and subsequently geo-located.

By combining Lidar, SLAM technology photogrammetry and sonar logging we precisely measure underground pipes, tunnels, aqueducts, subterranean chambers & reservoirs under dry, partially surcharged, surcharged, pressurised, flowing, or static water conditions over any distance and any diameter with repeatable precision.

Millimetre accuracy in 3-axis utilising Lidar; subsequent surveys will flag-up structural changes to within 1mm accuracy.

Optical Sensing

We now provide a ground-breaking service that enables pipes and tunnels to be continually monitored for movement, bursting, leakage, external mechanical digging in the vicinity of the pipe and intrusion.

The system can be installed to monitor temporary external works or permanently to continually monitor a pipe of tunnel that may be considered as high-risk.

  • Millimetre repeatable accuracy

  • Data parameters include BIM, 3D point cloud or mesh

  • Aerial lidar surveys

  • Continual monitoring to detect for leaks, bust and external risk activities

Partnering with world-class companies to provide world class Clients with an unparalleled range of testing and inspection services to remotely obtain the definitive range of data from otherwise inaccessible locations, enabling Clients to fully understand the condition of key assets.

We have worked alongside many of our key UK and international water companies and consulting engineers since AMP 1; we have the experience and track record to provide the level of service that can really make a difference.

No one works harder to provide Total Client Support.

World Class Pipe And Tunnel Innovations